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Jaeger-LeCoultre SOLD Marriage Wristwatch, Skeleton Watch, Art of Mariage

6.267  [reservado]

Disponible inmediatamente

ES - Paiporta
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Datos básicos

Marca Jaeger-LeCoultre
Cuerda Cuerda manual
Material de la caja Acero
Material de la correa Cuero
Año 1915
Estado 1 (muy bueno)
  Con estuche
Género Reloj de caballero/Unisex
Lugar España, Paiporta
Precio $6.899 (= 6.267 €)
Disponibilidad Disponible inmediatamente


Cuerda Cuerda manual
Reserva de marcha 24 h


Material de la caja Acero
Diámetro 47 x 53 with crown mm
Alto 15 mm
Resistente al agua No resistente al agua
Cristal Cristal mineral
Esfera Azul
Esfera con números Árabes


Material de la correa Cuero
Color de la correa Negro
Longitud de la correa 205 mm (120 mm / 85 mm)
Grosor de la correa 5 mm
Ancho de correa 22 mm Asistente para determinar tamaño
Cierre Broche
Material de cierre Acero
Ancho de cierre 20 mm


Segundero pequeño




UnicWatch Makers is a part of OnlineBtrust SL Spain!
• Our job is to give a chance to the Antique Pocket Watches for a
new life!
• In a last few years you revive a lot of Antique Pocket Watches
• like IWC, Jaeger Le‐Coultre, Omega, Longines , Zenith and etc. with
our professional watchmakers, craftsman's and jewelry masters by
• We have two parts of work‐ our own Unique projects and projects
of our private customers around the world, which want to renovate
them own old pocket watches!
• Every watch which is build in our factory is Unique, we never repeat
a design of our projects!
• Our watches was successfully sold in Dubai, Hong Kong , Taiwan,
China, USA and Europe in Auctions!

This watch was converted from pocket watch.
Case- New STAINLESS STEEL CASE custom made, build specially for this LE COULTRE & Co movement.
New MINERAL glasses on the front and back side- 43 mm.
Original Gold filled Le Coultre and Co movement in an excellent status, has been in addition updated and engraved by our craftsman. Each part of the mechanism, each millimeter it is decorated by a magnificent magic ornament. The bridges have in addition to extensive skeletonization have been gorgeously engraved as wel! HIGHEST QUALITY ENGRAVING mechanism with THREE FINGER BRIDGE & BI-METALLIC MICROMETER REGULATOR. The movement is signed Le COULTRE Co. Also is signed the movement serial number #1326.

Mechanism has been recently serviced to ensure it winds and sets smoothly while keeping great, accurate time.
This is a “NAIL SET” watch so you don’t pull the crown out to set the time. Instead, you press the little button near the crown IN and then move the crown to set the hands, releasing the button once you’re finished. It’s easy, so don’t worry about getting the hang of it!
New 22mm black alligator style genuine leather strap with chrome steel buckle!
Diameter (with crown): 53.00 mm
Diameter (without crown): 47.00 mm
Watch crystal diameter: 43.00 mm
Thickness: 15.00 mm

The pictures are of the actual item, we try to take the most detailed pictures we can, however feel free to connect me with any questions. ...please!
It will be securely wrapped & sent to you safely by registered and insure delivery.
Thank you!

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1 | Longitud del pasador

La longitud del pasador es la anchura de la correa en el extremo en que se fija al reloj. Así pues, se trata de la distancia entre los dos cuernos de la caja del reloj. Para poder fijar la correa a su reloj, la longitud del pasador debe ser igual a la anchura de la correa.

2 | Ancho de cierre

El ancho de cierre es el ancho de la correa en el extremo de cierre. Si desea seguir empleando el cierre original de su correa y reemplazar solo la correa, el ancho del cierre original debe coincidir con el de la correa. Si se trata de cierres desplegables, deberá optar por correas elaboradas específicamente para su cierre desplegable.

3 | Longitud de la correa

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4 | Espesores de correa

El espesor es la altura de la correa. El espesor de muchas correas de cuero disminuye conforme se avanza en dirección al extremo de cierre, lo que también se denomina disminución. Si desea seguir empleando el cierre original de su correa y reemplazar solo la correa, el espesor de esta deberá caber en el cierre original. Si se trata de cierres desplegables, deberá optar por correas elaboradas específicamente para su cierre desplegable.