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You would expect much more from the seller for buying a product at the £10k mark. Seller shipped the product late, so a 1-2day delivery became a week. Again, for luxury goods such as the Rolex watch I purchased, you wouldn’t expect the seller to have confusion and miscommunication on their end regarding delivery. It just felt chaotic. To the sellers credit, the watch appears to be as described so no issues here. Well packaged and presented nicely in a very secured box

Comentario del comerciante:

It is quite unfortunate what happened with your order, and we do apologize for this, I communicated clearly with you on the phone, when you called to cancel the shipment and rather pick up the watch in person from our office when the watch had already been picked up by UPS. We did reach out to UPS and issued for the watch to be shipped back to us, however, to our surprise we found out the next day that the watch had been delivered to your given address. We partner with other agencies to make sure our services are carried out smoothly, however, circumstances as these are bound to happen, and we are consistently working on improving areas as such, where we fall short, especially when a customer submits requests to make unexpected changes at the final stage when the watch is almost about to be delivered. We are pleased with the fact that you are at least satisfied with the watch, and we aim to do better next time. With pleasure, Your Watchmaster Team.